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Radiologic technologist jobs

Radiologic technologist jobs are more abundant than ever before, with radiologic techs among the most sought-after allied health professionals working today — and Med Travelers offers a huge variety of radiologic technologist jobs throughout the country to meet this demand.
Why turn to Med Travelers for travel radiologic technologist jobs? In addition to our comprehensive suite of benefits — including “day-one” health, dental, and vision insurance, free liability insurance, and 30 days of insurance coverage between assignments — Med Travelers makes the travel employment experience as pain-free as possible for our travels. Our highly experienced team of recruiters, analysts, and clinical liaisons go above and beyond to help you with all issues relating to licensure, housing, and everything else needed for a successful and rewarding travel health employment experience.
Ready to start your travel radiologic technologist job search? Check out the information below for information on radiologic technologist salary range, job description, responsibilities, and more, or search radiology tech jobs available from Med Travelers now.

Radiologic technologist jobs involve performing X-rays as requested by physicians to help diagnose medical issues in patients of all ages. Radiology techs must be able to closely follow the instructions of physicians, as well as successfully prepare radiograph equipment, position patients, and capture diagnostic images. Working mostly in hospitals (and sometimes in private practices and imaging centers), rad tech jobs also require protecting the patient during all procedures, and sometimes demand the use of heavy equipment and the maneuvering of patients who may be disabled — clinicians are encouraged to maintain healthy physical condition to meet these radiology tech job demands.
Radiology tech jobs offered through Med Travelers require the successful completion of an accredited radiography education program (associate’s or bachelor’s degree); in addition, most states require radiography certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Some radiologic technologist jobs may require specialization in the areas of MRI tech, nuclear medicine tech or CT scan tech.
Radiologic technologist salary rates are dependent on experience, training, and employment location, and typically average approximately $57,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Radiology tech jobs requiring higher levels of experience and/or training frequently offer greater levels of salary. Med Travelers offers temporary and travel rad tech jobs that provide competitive wages and a host of perks including paid benefits, free housing, job-related travel reimbursements, and more. We also provide liability insurance and health coverage. You also have the option of keeping your insurance coverage for 30 days between travel assignments. All salary estimates are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at Retrieved Nov. 20, 2012.

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