C-Arm Upgrade
OEC C-arms are reliable and capable workhorses, but many older systems are still equipped with Image Intensifiers. Now, with the MX Express kit and minimal effort, you can upgrade OEC 9800 or 9900 C-arms and maximize the system’s clinical utility.
Virtual C-Arm
The Machine Vision Collimator at the heart of the system features X-ray source-to-detector alignment software and accommodates a wide range of imaging procedures.But Virtual C-arm technology brings fluoroscopic imaging to the most fragile among us
DR Panels
Aspire To A New Generation of DR With superior resolution and dose efficiency, digital radiography has benefits for patients and operators alike. DR panels represent a new era in digital radiography panel design and execution. Refined enough to provide motion capture*
DR Retrofits
You don’t need to change out all your existing X-ray equipment to reap the benefits of Digital Radiography. Our cost-effective DR retrofits are designed to fit your equipment and install rapidly so you can quickly improve the quality and productivity of your existing X-ray.
Portable DR Performance
The lightweight, easy to maneuver IQ Flex portable X-ray system delivers world class digital radiography in a compact design about the size of a water cooler. Small, but powerful, the IQ Flex is a complete portable X-ray acquisition and image management system ideal for onsite medical imaging.
AiRTouch Hard Case
AiRTouch is a solution that fits your workspace — no matter what size. The wireless and battery-operated system means no floor space is taken up with a traditional radiographic system. More impressively, Europa can acquire images & wirelessly transmit to PACS via the on-board workstation
Overhead DR
The Vision C is a universal digital radiography system with a modular design adaptable to all diagnostic radiography needs. Perfect for busy imaging departments, the motorized auto-positioning system speeds exams while the manual override lets you precision tune for excellent images from a wide range of...
Automated Imaging
The Vision Air is a high performance modular digital radiography system for ceiling mount X-ray applications. With a range of advanced workflow, safety and positioning features, the Vision Air’s optimally adjusted, anatomy specific imaging and image processing protocols produce crystal clear visualization at significantly...
The Vision V is a high performance, modular floor mounted DR system offering an unparalleled price-performance ratio. With a range of advanced workflow, safety and positioning features, the modular Vision V can be configured for your specific needs so you get optimal digital imaging performance at an affordable price. When you need more capabilities than the standard.
Equipped with a high-performance 17″ x 17″ detector housing, the Vision X is a straight-arm digital X-ray system for use at all levels of medical care. With high patient throughput and intuitive controls, the Vision X is an ideal choice for primary care institutions with unified diagnostic imaging services and distributed image evaluation. The flexible stand design and modest..
The Vision U digital universal X-ray system enables efficient and flexible radiographic imaging for mobile and immobile patients. Used for a wide variety of general and specialized diagnostic imaging applications, the Vision U’s optimally adjusted, anatomy specific imaging and image processing protocols produce crystal clear visualization at significantly lower doses than film and CR.
Exceptional DR Imaging At Your Fingertips
Avanse is a state-of-the-art DR image acquisition and management system that helps users achieve superior imaging performance. Whether you’re upgrading an existing X-ray system to DR or purchasing a new DR system, let Avanse’s advanced visualization capabilities unlock the true potential of digital radiography.
Ultrasound is one of the most powerful and convenient imaging technologies available today. Advances in computing power and transducer technology have allowed ultrasound more portability than ever. Combine one of our compact ultrasound systems with the Vision M portable DR and a resting ECG system and you have an ideal telehealth and remote care solution.
Resting ECG
Meeting Today's Telehealth Needs With the demand for telehealth and remote care increasing, solutions that are portable and affordable are valuable additions to home care service providers. A resting ECG system from 1st Source is an ideal, laptop-based solution that’s durable, reliable and easy to learn. Combine an ECG system with the Vision M portable DR and a compact..

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