Why Premier Radiology Solutions?

Premier Radiology Solutions was founded on one simple concept: Improving health care by providing high quality radiology procedures across the country. With a focus on B-Read X Rays for Asbestos, Silicosis, black lung, & cement lung across the country. That's our forte, but we do it all! We also facilitate (PFT's) pulmonary function testing, Lab work, and provider physicals for temporary clinic's, founderis, factories, unions, and more. If you need testing, reach out to us and we can do it for you! We will come to you and make this process as smooth as possible!

Radiologist Consultation

A second opinion – and a clearer path to recovery – is just one call away.

Set up a one-on-one phone consultation with one of our trusted, board certified, specialized radiologists to discuss your most recent diagnosis, treatment plan, images, and more. After uploading your medical history and previous images into fully secured and encrypted Patient Portal, you will be able to sit down with a radiologist over-the-phone to ask questions and have the important conversation on getting a better understanding of your results and a path moving forward.

Our Top Clients Across The Nations

Technologist Gear
Everything a Technologist could dream of is up for grabs in the shop! From markers to clothing we have it all!

We provide state of the art hospital grade medical x-ray systems to deliver the best in-class products to increase ...
Urgent Care
We provide a wide range of products to fit the needs of urgent care centers, delivering X-Ray room and portable solutions for the most urgent needs
Medical Clinics
Clinics with wide range of patients benefit from our diverse selection of devices like T4 OTC, AspenXDR, AspenFDR, Vieworks Detectors, and AiRTouch
Dental Imaging
Dentists can pair their existing dental sensor with our products to acquire superior images with low dose to the patient & operator using our products' internal shielding & high frequency X-Ray generator
Our portable x-ray systems can be used as a 2 in 1 for both radiographic and dental imaging. Contact us today to learn about our experience with veterinarian practices..
AiRTouch is a solution that fits your workspace — no matter what size. The wireless and battery-operated system means no floor space is taken up with a traditional radiographic system

Local Unions
We proudly serve multiple unions across the country but the SMOIT Sheet Metal union is our top client We offer B Read chest Xrays for all there members

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We here at Premier Radiology Solutions strive to be best! while meeting all of your radiolgoy needs.

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