A holistic approach to addressing employee wellbeing.

Organizations and employees need more than just injury care from a comprehensive occupational health partner.

In addition to injury and illness management, premier Radiology Solutions is here to support your organization in creating a safer, healthier workplace for all through:

  • 1. OSHA standards compliance
  • 2. COVID-19 screening, testing, and return-to-work
  • 3. Drug and alcohol testing
  • 4. Employment physicals
  • 5. Preventive and early intervention
  • 6. Integrated virtual and onsite access programs
  • 7. Building a workplace culture of health and wellbeing
  • 8. And more

As one of the largest occupational health companies with over 50 years of experience supporting the top companies in the nation, premier Radiology Solutions takes a holistic approach to worker health that delivers exceptional value to organizations and workers.

Injury and Illness Care
Treating members onsite is a total win/win. It’s more convenient for them and saves you money, too. We provide quality care for a wide range of work-related injuries and illnesses while serving as care coordinator when third-party involvement is required.
Medical Surveillance
Have the confidence that your members are meeting OSHA guidelines and all the required occupational health and safety standards at all times. Medical surveillance program management is a core competency of Premise Health, and we support comprehensive medical surveillance programs for many of our clients.
Case Management
When your employees are away from work due to injury or illness, the right return-to-work support is essential to making a successful transition. Our case managers are experts in communication and pointing members to the right resources and support to help them get back to work in good health and good spirits.
With a focus on prevention, musculoskeletal occupational health helps reduce and improve work-related discomfort through ergonomic solutions, early intervention programs, job function testing, new hire education and more. Your skeleton provides a framework for your muscles and other soft tissues.

Our Mission:

To be the nation's leading provider of occupational health solutions, offering the best choice for innovation, reliability and convenience.

Our Vision:

Helping our clients keep America's workers safe, healthy and productive.

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  • Sunday
    9.30 – 15.00
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